Friday, 14 May 2010

Blackberry Bold 9700 Review

In the Microbyte office, we are Blackberry through and through. We have given many other devices a chance to shine and exceed our expectations of what a business communications tool should be but as yet nothing has as comfortably met our requirements as the Blackberry Bold.

Prior to the release of the Bold 9700 we were very happy with the Bold 9000 and apart from the touch pad we were a little dubious about what to expect for the new model.

Bold 9000 vs Bold 9700

For most of us in the business world there are likely only a few key points that a phone has to fulfil beyond the obvious features such as email etc.


The Blackberry 9000 when released was certainly one of the hot favourites for many business execs. Why? Quite simple, it was FAST, EASY and SMALL-ISH. Its slight bulky feel was made up for in just how damn quick it was to use.

If you wanted you email? One click
Wanted an SMS? One click
Fast 3G internet access? One click

The chaps at RIM did a great job creating a device that really did away with the frustration of mobile email associated with a small screen and constant freezing. I personally could quite easily sit on my 9000 for over 60mins replying to emails or SMS’s while on a train or in the passenger seat of a car, and I for was curious about how exactly they could make it any better without a compromise.

Well, I’m pleased to report....they did it!

The Blackberry Bold 9700, is FASTER, SMALLER, LASTS LONGER, LOOKS BETTER, and more. As you can see we at Microbyte believe in getting to the points that matter, so here we go.

Speed – Even though the processor on the 9000 and 9700 are the same, the updated software to us was certainly more responsive, much nicer when you want to switch in and out of apps. We proved the speed increase beyond a shadow of a doubt by using different desktop themes on both devices side by side - the 9700 was a clear winner.

Size – The 9000 wasn’t huge by any standards but the new 9700 brings it into comparison with the curve so slips in and out of your top pocket nicely.

Weight – Not only will it slip into your pocket more easily it’s now even less noticeable as a gravity susceptible load.

Battery – The 9700 outlasts the 9000 on standby by nearly 9 days! You’ll be less worried when you forget to pack your charger in your overnight bag. Talk time is improved by 1.5hrs too.

Track Pad - This is the second most prominent change in comparison to the 9000, we found it offers more accuracy and well.... just felt a lot nicer than the trackball, which let’s be honest was getting a little dated.

Screen – Although the device is smaller, the screen is not and remains more or less the same apart from a slightly higher resolution which does look clearer on high quality images or video.

Keyboard – This is one area in which changes have been made, but in our opinion for the better. The keys are a little smaller but thanks to their new shape with a slight apex we found in a few hours messages were being typed faster than ever.

Camera – RIM kindly upgraded the camera from 2 megapixels to 3. It is noticeable and the camera does operate far more quickly although for the hardcore business user they’re not likely to notice.

That about wraps it up, basically, if you’re looking for a device that is going to comfortably aid you in your communications then look no further. This is a no nonsense tool that we feel has the edge for email and general speed of use which if you’re on the road is what matters most.